Custom Publishing by M.J. Mrvica Associates

Our foundation in pharmaceutical advertising sales has led us to diversify into the fields of hospital administration, occupational safety, utility, life sciences, as well as many other industries.  With this experience, we realized many of our customers and advertising partners have an additional need: custom publishing.

Many may not recognize custom publishing as a need, but once they understand the growth potential provided by custom publishing, it becomes an invaluable asset.

Success Through Custom Publishing

M.J. Mrvica Associates has a long-standing relationship with a leading producer of medical prescription pads: Rx PROvisions.  Through our custom publishing services, Rx PROvisions is connected to our pool of eager advertisers and is able to offer greater service to their customers.

Pharmaceutical companies are able to use the joint media program between M.J. Mrvica Associates and Rx PROvisions to reach healthcare providers with education information about their offerings and ultimately, with their brand.  With a variety of delivery options, advertisers are able to repeatedly deliver their message straight to decision-makers.

To learn more about custom publishing and how it can benefit you, contact M.J. Mrvica Associates today.